If the hair transplant is done by team lead by skillful and experienced surgeon on a right candidate, decision of FUE hair transplant can be result into life changing procedure.

How hair transplant works:

FUE technique is most modern technique of hair transplant which allows harvesting individual grafts one by one and transplanting them at required area. It does not leave virtually mark on the procedural area, and remains safe surgery.

While FUT technique is strip technique in which a strip of skin with hair is taken from back of head and then grafts are harvested from the strip and then transplanted to the bald area or required area. But the area from where the strip is taken is stitched leaving a linear scar which is visible whenever one shaves his head. Rest result remains same.
Due to various advantages FUE is most preferred hair transplant technique by clients from Bhubaneswar over FUT (Strip Technique).
Hair transplant technique is not only used to restore hair on males but for females as well, with similar technique and method. Apart from head hair, women demands for restoration of eyebrow and eyelashes hair. Similarly FUE technique is used to transplant beard and moustache hair as well with head hair restoration in men.
In most of the cases the procedure is done in single day. The client returns to his home by the end of the procedure.

Why to choose us for your Hair Transplant:

We are committed to re-establish confidence and self-esteem for those who have lost it due to baldness and looking for hair transplant from city of Bhubaneswar. We are most preferred and recommended hair transplant centre in Bhubaneswar with number of positive reviews from the beneficiaries to whom we have justified their decision to get transplant from our centre by giving them high quality hair transplant results.
People choose our centre due to high credential of results, high qualification doctors and experience of our team. We have almost 3500 successful hair transplant to our credit as whole. Among all clients we have people of all age group comprise who are in 20’s to people in their 60’s from Bhubaneswar.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Hair Transplant

Q.How hair transplant is done?
A.Hair transplant is procedure of relocation hair roots from one location (donor site) of the body to another location (recipient site) under local anesthesia. In FUE technique the extraction and the insertion is done using punches one by one to the roots.
Q.Will hair transplant give natural hair back?
A.Yes, hair transplant gives naturally growing hair to the bald person.
Q.How much money it required?
Money required depends on the size of area. Most of the clinics in Bhubaneswar charge per graft. Money depends on number grafts to be implanted on the bald area. Thus, money varies as per the size of area to be operated.
Q.Does it have any side effect?
No, FUE technique hair transplant don’t have any side effect know till know.
Q.How much time it takes to grow natural hair after the procedure?
Almost it takes 4 to 6 months to natural hair to come at the area of procedure.
Q.Which technique you centre use for hair transplant?
We at our Bhubaneswar centre use only FUE technique to do the hair transplant with latest instruments.
Q.What makes FUE technique most popular among clients in Bhubaneswar?
Some of the advantages of FUE technique like it give almost zero scars, no major blood-loss, painless procedure and natural hair result makes it most popular among those who choose to get hair transplant to restore hair at the place of baldness.

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