Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure undertaken by some of the people who face problems related to baldness or due to some medical conditions that make them to lose their hair. People who have been through some surgical procedures that involves shaving their head also take up this treatment when they find it difficult to get back their hair. Most often hair transplantation is carried out for the male pattern baldness, though some women have also undertaken these procedures for their need. In the early days, wigs were most often used for covering the hair loss problem and the bald spots. Today, the hair transplantation procedures have become advanced and Keratin Strings assures you of a pain-free treatment.

Hair transplantation is a broad term that encompasses a wide range of surgical procedures. These vary with the techniques used and the type of result that each may produce. Nonetheless, regardless of the procedure, covering the bald spots seems to be the higher motive for this technique. One of the common things that you might have heard about in the hair transplantation procedure is that, you will be requiring a donor and a recipient. In this, the hair follicles are removed in groups of 1-4 strands and harvested in the recipient. This way, you do not have to worry about losing out on the natural tone of your hair after surgery.

As mentioned earlier, modern day hair transplant procedures have the ability to mimic your original hair tone, thereby giving you an opportunity to get the desired result after the procedure. The hair transplantations techniques vary and are advised by the doctors for the clients. At Keratin Strings, you can get a consult with our specialists at the clinic, as they might be able to help you choose the right type of hair transplantation procedure based on your needs.

One never has to worry about hair transplantation going wrong, as Keratin Strings has all the required tools and equipments to give you the pain-free and effective surgery for your hair problems. You can either get them done through a long single session or opt for a series of sessions that takes place till the desired result is obtained.

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