MHI is A Latest, Unique, Advance Hair Implant System Which Is A Combination Of Advance Hair Transplant, Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp) Therapy Along With Addition Of Patented Specific Growth Factor Which Gives Boost To Existing Hairs And Ensure The Growth Of Newly Implanted Hair To Ensure Uniforms Growth For Excellent Result.

Advantages Of MHI (Modified Hair Implantation)

  • Unique Combination Of All Advance Medical & Surgical Hair Treatment To Ensure Great Result.
  • No Cut / No Stitches / No Scalpels / No Pain / No Bleeding /Invisible Scarring / Less Invasive.
  • Less Traumatic / Quickrecovery / Less Handling Of The Graft / Increased Graft Survival.
  • Hair Care Kit Which Gives Boost To Your Existing And Newly Implanted Areas.